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Kuwaity parliament apprved Amir's decision for a single gift to each Kuwaity citizen

Dispute resolution mechanism

The court system of Kuwait is divided into six different branches: personal, criminal, commercial, administrative, leases and civil. There are three levels in the Kuwaiti legal system, namely: the Court of First Instance, Court of Appeals and Court of Cassation.

The personal courts have jurisdiction over matters relating to the personal status of Muslims, in particular, family and inheritance law. The civil court has jurisdiction over all non-criminal cases not dealt with by other branches.

Replacing the previous ad hoc form of arbitration, law number 11/1995 provides for the establishment of one or more arbitration authorities at the Court of Appeals each consisting of three judges and two arbitrators to be chosen by the parties requesting arbitration.

The arbitration authority is empowered to rule on and conciliate disputes between government, ministries or other government bodies and companies that are fully owned by the government, or between these companies, or between individuals or private legal entities and government ministries and other public bodies, and generally between any parties that agree to its arbitration.

In addition, the Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) administers arbitration and conciliation procedures according to its internal regulations and the Kuwait Society of Engineers administers arbitration proceedings concerning disputes in the construction industry. Many arbitrations in Kuwait have also taken place under the Rules of Conciliation and Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce and awards were deemed binding.

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